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Posted on the 08 April 2013 by Scarffaces @scarfffaces
It's my birthday tomorrow and I had a really fun party on the weekend!! My DIY BFF kim made me a really cool banner, beautiful cupcakes, tissue paper flowers with mason jar containers, and really really amazing magnets of instagram photos!! She is just the best, and all of the tutorials will be up at limberlina.com shortly 
bday! A few months ago I stole another polaroid camera from my parents. My other polaroid is also stolen from them and they gave them away as gifts at their wedding!! Anyway I'm not sure when my new one is from but it looks even older than the one I usually use. I used black and white expired  impossible project film and two of the photos turned out great! The third is kind of messed but whatever that's what you get when you used expired film + a camera from the 80s.  bday! bday!                 bday! Tomorrow it's supposed to be really warm out so I'll take a walk down to queen street and get my fave slice of pizza and later on get some beerrrzzz omg I'm excited, 27 is going to be the best I know it.  xxxx

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