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Posted on the 01 December 2013 by Ileodarod @ilevillegas
Hey guys,
Yesterday we went to the beach. My family used to do this a lot even if there's no occasion. I guess we're just fortunate to have wonderful white-sand beaches an hour's drive away from where we live.
So I took a bunch of pictures yesterday and it was frustrating that I can't capture in picture the beauty of the sparkly waters. So I thought, ok, why not make a .gif file? I haven't done it before so I didn't think it will work. I took a bunch of photo sets but I like this one in particular. I was lucky enough that a boat passed by and I didn't even noticed it was there until I checked the photos.
There's probably an easier way to do it but for this image, I mounted my camera on a tripod and set my camera in full manual mode. I took 24 photos and compiled them in photoshop. 
Camera settings: f/3.5 ; 1/4000 sec ; ISO-100
 And without further ado, here it is:     Beach
So, do you like it?
Fine, it's not that spectacular as some pictures you see online but you gotta admit, it makes you miss summer. ^_^
Thanks for reading!

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