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Being a Cashier in Kopi Flyover

Posted on the 26 January 2015 by Arwinkim

Kopi Flyover is a coffee shop located at Jl. Urip Sumiharjo, Makassar. The name based on the location near from the flyover bridge. My uncle is the new owner of the coffee and he appointed me to be the cashier. Honestly, I could not wholeheartedly accept it as the job always deals with money and money. Besides, I worked in the morning until  midnight. Fortunately a girl, who is family of my aunt has taken over my hours in the morning. So, I come in the afternoon after doing some housework.

Despite of my concernment, there are some things that I like to be a cashier here. Well, a number of ‘em to mention. I have free wifi connection here and I act as the administrator. The speed is good enough to download high quality movies with torrent client every day.

I do not only act as a cashier, but also as a leader. I responsibly manage the clerks and make sure our stocks are available. I tell to them what to do and what not to. Another good thing is, we are friends now.

I am afraid to ask how much salary I am about to receive and it does not really matter to me because I am working for my uncle, not for someone else. I am very indebted to him. He is my best uncle. He is very rich and fond to give me money. I respect him very much.

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