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I Am Back!

Posted on the 13 November 2019 by Arwinkim
What a relief to be able blogging here again after buying a new laptop replacing my old laptop with broken keyboard. Do I forget to mention it is extremely slow?
This blog is the only place I like to pouring all my thoughts since 2008. And seems this is the only best friend I had ever since. What a pity! But hey I am happy to be back! So, hope you always feel comfortable reading them that it is wearing perfectly broken English if you do read my them anyway.
Hmmm.... First thing first, where should I start to tell you some stories then? OK, let's start in the my story in the beginning of 2019. Wait! Technically, this post is about "my life in 2019" right? Yep, because I am writing this on November and 2020 is standing in front of the door.
I am doing well enough some stuff in 2019. But it comes with bad ending too....
I managed to make money around $3000 from my online investment, but the bad thing is, I have spent more than $1000 of it for nothing. I don't know it just poooff... away. I am so bad at saving. I bought things I don't really need.
Another story. On Feb, I was accepted to work as PIC (Person in Charge) in a "loan shark" company to handle a small branch or a post office. I don't really enjoying my work there though. I know it offers high salary but typically I don't like being pushed working so hard to find customers who want to take a loan. Yeah, I know it is normal working in what so-called marketing thing.
You know, deep down I feel so bad luring people to take loan with high interest. Not only that, my religion is extremely against this kind of business as well. We call it "riba" and you know what? Riba is much worse than you can imagine. Interested to find out? Well, Google it. So, things started to get worse. I don't feel good everyday, my mood and my health decreased. I was working with toxic co-workers. Stabbing in the back. I don't blame them anyway that long long time ago I had planned to resign as fast as possible. I planned to stay longer if good things happened. But it never happened. So my performance was slowing.... Then, I realized this job doesn't suit me. I become lazy.
If I can remember clearly I resigned on Sept after I got transferred to my hometown. Why? Simply, it gave me more pressure than my previous place.
So, that's pretty much of it. I hope next year or by now on, good things will come to me. I look forward to work based on my passion. I believe a lot of opportunities ahead of me. Insha Allah, my life will find its way to prosperity and happiness very soon.

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