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Ben O’Reilly by Adam Peled – A Story With Multiple Layers of Suspense #BookReview

Posted on the 03 February 2018 by Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

I call Ben O’Reilly by Adam Peled a modern age story. The story has everything you can ask for in a murder mystery thriller. There is suspense, murder after murder, bomb blast, divorce, conspiracy, an attempt on life, backstabbing, gang-war, and what not. Every page you will find something pacing too fast and moving you towards something different. In fact, every sequence in the story makes you sense there is something that is yet to disclose. You feel as if there is something that is about to happen that you can’t imagine. You try to make a guess but you fail when you face the reality. That is the beauty of this gripping story. Ben is living a real bachelors life in his 40s. But then he knows that he is back to his bachelors days back after an unsuccessful marriage with Pam and a divorce thereafter.

Ben O’Reilly by Adam Peled – A Story With Multiple Layers of Suspense #BookReview

Pam and Ben had two kids before their divorce. But Danny and Lily are with their mother. The Couch, the first chapter of Ben O’Reilly by Adam Peled might mislead you to believe it as a porn book. But that is not the case. That is just to create the atmosphere and indicate what life Ben is living after his divorce. He brings a girl home to enjoy for a while and then she leaves. But she doesn’t forget to save his mobile number in her handset before leaving. The story takes a new turn in the second chapter Ben gets a WhatsApp message right in the middle of the night when he is asleep. The beep breaks his sleep and he notices a message on his phone screen that he is now a member of a new discussion group. The message has come from a strange unknown number.

Adam Peled Has Gripping Storytelling Style

Ben has an army background. After the divorce, he loses faith in love and relationship. The story of Ben O’Reilly by Adam Peled takes some strange turns. Ben finds only one familiar number in the new group. That is his old best friend but now enemy Eddie. And then Sharon comes into his life whom he starts admiring. But meanwhile, something strange starts happening. The members of that particular WhatsApp group start vanishing one by one. There are a lot more actions in store in the story. The interesting point is how Ben plans to cope up with the threat to his own life. Does he decide to mitigate the risk to his life by fighting against the culprits?

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