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Blood Donation: Benefits, Effects, and the Process

Posted on the 25 July 2019 by Michael David Oyco @MDoyco
The first time is always the hardest part but once you have experienced the whole thing, you'll feel accomplished somehow. Well, I am speaking for myself so I hope you'll feel the same or if not better. It has been my part of my routine to donate blood since one of our local hospitals (St. Luke's) visits our church (JCLAM) here in Marikina City. They do it quarterly so I make sure to not miss it when they are scheduled to do so. Why am I so eager for this? Know here why.

Blood donation: Michael's Hut

Blood donation

Just to share some of the baiting benefits of donating blood in our community are as follows:
1. It will make your skin whiter
2. It will make your face smoother and acne-free (Free facial? Haha!)
3. It is both healthy and helpful
So are these statements true? Let's find out:
Just like the rest of you guys, I was so curious back then on why do people donate blood? I can honestly get the thing if one of your friends or family members need them urgently especially for emergency purposes.. But donating voluntarily knowing that it kind of hurts, Why? So as per my research and gathered information about this, let me start by listing its benefits as simple as possible.
Benefits of donating blood
1. Free check-up [includes blood pressure, pulse rate, and hemoglobin level (for some)]2. You'll know your blood type [not all people are aware of their blood type, do you?]3. Burns calories/Lose weight [The body needs to work to replenish the loss of blood - Free exercise! YAY!]4. Healthier liver - connected to stimulated blood cell production  (Healthier looking skin)5. Reduce the risk of complicated diseases such as heart attack and cancer [connected to iron depletion]6. Enjoy the freebies [Who wouldn't]7. The thought of helping a random stranger [Depends if they will sell it or stock them for future use]8. Free blood when you need it [Not sure if applicable to all and may subject to terms and conditions of the partner hospital] 
If not most of these, all of them are medically proven so might as well tick them on the list. Feel free to ask your family doctor if you still have questions or need to verify them yourselves.

Blood donation freebies: Michael's Hut

Today's blood donation freebies [chocolate bar, juice drink, socks & a special tumbler]

The next thing we should know is what are the requirements or the preparations needed to be fit to donate. Don't underestimate this as many fail to pass these qualifications and are not allowed to donate on-site. There will be a doctor to filter them so make sure to check each of them here:
Requirements/Qualifications before donating blood (COMMON)
1. The blood donation form will serve as the first filter (listed medical conditions must be noted)2. Above 18 years old or if 16 - 17 years old (must have parental consent)3. Not "underweight" and feels in good condition - cough or colds is a no-no4. Not donated blood recently (3-4 mos apart usually)5. Strictly no piercing6. Strictly no tattoo7. In healthy condition [failure in any of the initial free check-up (blood pressure, pulse rate, and hemoglobin level) may result in disqualification of the eligibility to donate] - So sleep early and rest well a day before the blood donation day.8. Of course, any kind of alcohol, drug, or antibiotic should be avoided as well
-for women-
* Irregular period should be noted* More may be asked as per doctor's assessment
Now, when we pass these qualifications, the process should go something like this video I created:(written process below)

The process
1. Fill out the initial form provided2. Find the doctor (with the form) then finish the assessment and check-ups3. Go to the nurse or next station for the blood testing and personal records checking4. You will be assigned to a chair (where all the rest will happen) 
Don't think that the whole process stops there. You still have to be cautious hours after that. It is very important to know the following reminders:
Reminders after donating blood
> You may feel weakened after giving blood. It may be in the form of having a headache, feeling lightheaded and/or nauseous, or even feeling dizzy or feels like you are going to faint. It is very important to rest after donating blood which includes avoiding any strenuous/physically challenging activities like playing sports, lifting weights to as simple as even strolling in malls. I recommend allocating it in advance as a rest day as per experience.
So, do I still need to explain why I like donating blood? Haha! Well, before I answer that, let's tackle first the 3 questions given above if they are really true.
1. It will make your skin whiter - In reference to benefit no. 4 above, it answers it indirectly. As it promises healthier skin, it does not say it lightens one. A healthier skin is good enough for me. 2. It will make your face smoother and acne-free (Free facial? Haha!) -  Again, in reference to benefit no. 4 above, it answers it indirectly as well. I guess this one is more likely applicable. Not immediately but I think it helps. 3. It is both healthy and helpful - Fore sure! Unless you are really scared of needles lol

Why not donate blood

Why not donate blood?

So if you ask me, it is a no-brainer question if it is really worth it to donate blood. This one excludes the award(s) you may receive when you donate blood regularly - some of the awards are based on consistency while some are on the amount you have given. The act is all at the same time healthy, helpful, noble and generous. For me, it is like an opportunity to be healthier, help others, give back to the community and contribute to society in ways you can't even imagine. So why even think to not do it right? Who knows and you might be sharing your blood to the next president of a country or even a future world leader.. that would be cool. Haha!
Ending this blog post: If you have not given blood yet - ever, I suggest you try it at least once. And if you have done it already, I urge you to share your experience(s) here to encourage others to be the unknown heroes to the people who will be needing them in the future.

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