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What Happens When I Suddenly Turn Off My Social Media!

Posted on the 30 June 2014 by Poojakaradgi

Before you proceed I request you to watch this wonderful video which showcases how social media  has impacted our once-upon-a-time-beautiful life.

Wonderful, isn’t it?Just a micro-second thought of shutting off from the illusionary world and living the present?Well, this is what exactly happened to me when I had watched this video less than a week back. And then,I actually decided to try it out. And the consequences:      Everybody  Pooja,Tell me,Is everything seriously Okay?Sab barabar toh hai na?Guy FriendsPooja,Sacchi bata koi pareshan toh nahi kar raha na?If that’s the case,let us know,"Hum sidha karenge usko!"Guy Friends  A thousand times,"Pooja..Kya hua hai..Batana!" (Inspite of telling them the reason a thousand times!)Tough Competitors“Pooja..yaar sahi hai.Sab SNS band ha?”Tough Competitors again “Tu toh aaj ke Minor project session ka topic of discussion hai.Aakhir Pooja saare Whatsapp groups se delete kyon ho gayi!”(My God!)Everybody "Pooja,Tuje kuch ho toh nahi gaya na? ".Making me feel,agar mujhe sach mai kuch ho gaya hai! :-/PS: Leaving all this apart,I earnestly thank all these people who are so considerate for me .Especially the people mentioned in the second point.Thankyou People! :)

And now you ought to believe me! I deactivated my accounts just for one simple reason : PEACE!  

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