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Chocolate Rice Porridge Or Champorado - An All-day Breakfast Snack

Posted on the 10 August 2019 by Michael David Oyco @MDoyco
We all crave for somethings somehow. Mostly with strong tasteful foods especially for either the sweet or salty category. For now, lets go to the sweet ones that is combined with an unusual partner.. We all love chocolate right? But not all of us eat rice.. Have you ever imagined on eating them both at the same time? If you do, read on.

Champorado in a glass cup

Are you in for some chocolatey breakfast?

Honestly at first, thinking about the combination.. I was like.. "uhhhmmm.. Nope". But once I tasted it, my "Nope" turned to "Dope" (for rhyming purposes only) instantly. I have never imagined that they'll match perfectly. Well, I can understand that crisped rice go well with most of the chocolates especially the branded ones but come on.. the soft, gooey, and chewy rice we (Asians) love to eat is so far from that haha!
Since I am becoming emotional already, let's just start making one.
- Sticky rice grains- Sugar- Cocoa chocolates
Optional:- Milk
Kitchen utensils:
- Bowls and plates for the ingredients (may vary)- Big/Serving spoon for mixing and tasting- Cooking pot

mixing chocolate, sugar, and rice

mixing the ingredients

Step by step guide:
1. Put water in the cooking pot and start heating it2. Place all the ingredients inside the pot(Don't forget to break the chocolate chunks for it to spread evenly)3. Mix it from time to time4. That's it! We're done!
NOTE: (the important part)
> Usually, it only takes 15 - 25 mins. of cooking/heating (depends how strong the fire is)> The rice grains absorb a good amount of water so make sure its enough> Taste preference varies so the amount of chocolate and sugar may vary - you decide> Some are also sensitive with the rice texture so heating time may vary as well 
Here is the video version of the step by step guide:

So as mentioned in the video above, Champorado or the Chocolate rice porridge can be eaten both in its hot and cold version. The good thing here is that whatever version you may prefer, both still taste great. It just happens that I am more inclined with the colder version since its mostly hot in here.


Champorado (anti-perfectionist shot)

The other thing you may want to think about is the milk. Yes, adding the creamy-milky vibe, just perfect. However, there are two (2) forms.. The liquid one or the powdered.. Yes, it matters! It gives different people here different pleasures on eating them. I guess you'll understand more when you are in the situation already so go ahead and try them the soonest! Besides, making them is very simple.

Chocolate rice porridge with milk

Chocolate rice porridge with milk

I'll give you 6 different combinations to choose from:
A. Hot champorado without milk
B. Hot champorado with liquid milk
C. Hot champorado with powder milk
D. Cold champorado without milk
E. Cold champorado with liquid milk
F. Cold champorado with powder milk
So, what would it be? ;)

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