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Choose Your Friends Wisely

Posted on the 17 December 2015 by Arjuunsahay

Choose your friends wisely


Just off the phone, Sanjay couldn't be happier as a little bird from the top management told him that he would be the head supervisor of the company’s new project in Dubai. He stared blankly out his cabin's glass window, not sure how to react to the news. He gazed upon the staff when his eyes caught Ranvijay talking to his beautiful new secretary. Although Ranvijay was an old friend from college and Sanjay himself who brought him to his team, however looking at him effortlessly making Nikita laugh started to get him a bit jealous. He instantly picked up his intercom and asked Nikita to send Ranvijay inside his office.
Ranvijay walked inside the office without knocking. There was an air of invincibility about him which he always found intimidating. "Sir, have you lost weight?" Ranvijay asked as he collapsed on the chair. "I have, and you know you don't have to call me Sir," Sanjay lied. He loved having authority over his old friend. A chiselled angelic face tight abs. Ranvijay had everything. A good job, a beautiful wife, and everyone loved him. In fact, Ranvijay good looks made Sanjay realize he had gained few pounds over the weekend. "By the way, your new secretary is hot. Great job on lighting up our dull office," Ranvijay said giving a devilish smirk. "Bro, at least leave something for us, unmarried poor people," Sanjay retorted with a fake smile. "By the way, I called you in to tell you that your friend might be going to Dubai for the new project," Sanjay said in a boastful tone.Ranvijay jumped up from his seat and said, "Bro, we have to celebrate." "No-no. You know, I don't enjoy these parties," Sanjay said stealing a glance of Nikita."How are you going to meet anyone other than me if you work all day. Okay, I have an idea. I'll have a party at my house. Maya would be happy to make the arrangements,” Ranvijay said as he waited for Sanjay to respond. “Don’t worry, Nikita will be there also," Ranvijay said Sheepishly. Sanjay felt ashamed as he was jealous ofhis friend who was clearly overjoyed by his achievement.
Later that moonless night, a nervous Sanjay arrived at Ranvijay's door. He never enjoyed large groups of people and felt uncomfortable at parties. However, this party was in his honor and it would be rude of him not to show up. "Welcome in Sanjay, we've been waiting for you," Maya said in her deep sexy voice as she opened the door. Maya turned around and leisurely walked inside as Sanjay followed trough the hall. He could hear the voices coming from the living room. But, Sanjay's eyes were fixated on the backless, red dress which accentuated Maya 's voluptuous figure and her oscillating hips. "Hey guys, Man of the hour has finally arrived," Maya said pointing at Sanjay with both her hands. The whole team under Sanjay was at the party, and each one congratulated him one by one. He faked a smile and made small talk till all were back to sipping their drinks and having a good time. Like a wallflower, he sat near the balcony looking at all the smiling faces. His eyes would wander around the room, but would eventually land on Maya who looked ravishing in the dim light. Her red lipstick and perfectly fitted dress arrested Sanjay’s attention. As Maya moved around the living room talking to everyone, so did Sanjay's eyes until Ranvijay came to him with another bottle of beer. "Boss, your bottle is almost empty. Here you go," Ranvijay said handing him a chilled bottle of beer. Sanjay could never handle his alcohol, yet he accepted as he had a feeling that Ranvijay caught him drooling over his wife. "Thanks’ for the party," Sanjay said hiding his eyes and playing with the bottle's sticker. "Don't mention it Boss. By the way, Nikita is sitting there alone, and I know just the right guy to make her feel comfortable. You just wait here, and let me do the ground work for you," Ranvijay said and stood up with purpose. He asked Maya to give company to Sanjay and also handed her his empty glass.Sanjay had forgotten about his petite secretary and the reason was sitting next to him in a red dress. Sanjay stole a quick glance of Maya’s protruding cleavage before taking a sip of beer. Being a tall guy had it’s advantages. Maya played with the empty glass while her eyes kept locked on Ranvijay. “Who’s that girl?” Maya asked which took Sanjay by surprise. “She is my new secretary, Nikita,” Sanjay said hesitantly. Maya’s probing voice made him feel like he was being prosecuted. Maya stood up and paced towards the balcony leaving Sanjay in a fix. He did not know whether to follow her or stay like an article in a house. For next few seconds as his brain tried to make a decision, his eyes saw subliminal flirting between Ranvijay and Nikita. Ranvijay’s casual hand on Nikita’s shoulder to Nikita’s constantly fixing her hair and smiling at his each word. Sanjay looked at Maya’s arched body leaning on the balcony railing with her hips making a perfect onion shape. “Are you all right?” Sanjay asked as he brought two half-filled glasses with rum and coke. Maya looked at Sanjay and smiled, “How did you know I like rum and coke?” she asked and took a sip from the glass. “I don’t think Ranvijay even noticed that I am missing from the party,” she continued as she stared at the road below. Sanjay wanted to say that she had nothing to worry about, but he knew Ranvijay all too well. All through the college, girls use to throw themselves at him. Even though he would have casual sexual encounters with them, they would never utter a single bad thing about him. After his marriage with Maya, he thought, Ranvijay’s antics would stop, however, a leopard can’t become a domesticated cat. Maybe it was the cocktail of drinks that gave him strength or it was Maya’s disheartened face that gave him the impetus to say something. He clasped her hand as he looked into her light green eyes and said, “You have nothing to worry.” Finally, a dim smile came to Maya’s face which made Sanjay proud. He felt he was a good friend, although deep inside he wished he could exchange places with Ranvijay.
The next morning, Sanjay received a text from Maya thanking him for rum and coke and a wink face emoji. He read that message over a fifty times. Over the next few weeks, casual text turned into a conversation. A man who only knew how to write formal emails had learned the art of texting. He wore a big smile whenever his mobile would flash Maya’s name. For Sanjay, this was the closest he ever felt to a girl. However, he kept reminding himself that he was talking to the wife of his subordinate and a friend.
After a hectic week, Sanjay welcomed a much-needed break. On his way to the office parking, he kept imagining excuses to ask Maya out. His inexperience in the field of attraction had made him act like an addict, always looking for another hit. As the door of the elevator opened to a dark basement parking. Sanjay hurried to his car so he could get back home to charge his dead phone. In the dark, he fiddled with the keys to open the car door, when he heard a faint female giggle. No to intrude on his colleaguespersonal life, he tried to make himself scares. The sound of the engine roared in the hollow parking hall. Just when he was about to drive out of the parking, Sanjay’s eyes caught two familiar faces in a familiar car. Though it was for a brief moment, and visibility was low, but he could make out it was Ranvijay’s car.
All through the drive home, Sanjay had an obscene happiness about the whole situation he witnessed. The little guilt he was harbouring had evaporated. Ranvijay did not deserve a wonderful girl like Maya, he thought to himself. As he arrived home, Sanjay saw Maya standing outside his apartment in a distressed state, biting her nails. “What are you doing here, are you all right?” Sanjay asked. He could see Maya’s jaded eyes and figured it out that she had been crying. “Can we go inside?” Maya said staring at her feet.Sanjay quickly took the keys out from his pockets and opened the door. Maya walked in first and he followed. Sanjay took an inquisitive look at Maya. He wanted to make sure Ranvijay hadn't laid a hand on her. The thought itself made him shiver with rage. The last time he saw her was at the party where she looked ravishing. However, today she seemed a broken woman. He imagined her crying all the way to his apartment. Maya wore a one-sided down shoulder pink top and floral pyjamas, loosely hanging on her body with her hands tightly wrapped around her chest. Sanjay pulled up a chair from the dining table and went to bring some water. As he returned, Maya banged her hands on the wooden table and in a screeching voice said, ‘What the hell is going on between my husband and that bitch?' Maya's patience was at its lowest ebb and she was ready to burst.Sanjay knew that she was serious. 'Look, Maya. There is nothing going on between the two of them. Just a little bit of healthy flirting, I'd say.''Flirting? Healthy flirting? Really Sanjay . . .' she rolled her eyes in disgust. 'That's what you men call it? There is nothing healthy about flirting, Sanjay, not for a married man.Healthy flirting is a term introduced by perverted men who want to lend legitimacy to their extramarital dalliances. Flirting invariably has a sexual connotation to it.' She got up from her seat and walked around the room gesticulating and muttering something to herself. Suddenly she stopped, turned back, looked at Sanjay and asked, 'Did my husband sleep with her? You are his friend. Did he ever tell you anything about it?’Sanjay stared at Maya with a blank face. He wondered if this could be a perfect opportunity to remove the only obstacle in his path. By telling the truth, he would relieve Maya from the shackles of this loveless marriage with Ranvijay. Who in truth would find some other girl in a matter of days? Maya, on the other hand, was someone who needed to be loved and cared. She needed to be cherished and told how great it is to be in her presence. Sanjay said nothing. He walked towards his small wine library and brought back two glasses and opened up a bottle of wine. ‘Should I take you silence as yes? Maya said in a low tone. Her tears boiling on the surface of her eyes. Sanjay remained mom as he filled her glass to the brim and looked at the beauty that was this woman. He was in love. Even in this desperate state with her hair tied in a knot and no sign of makeup, she still looked like an artist’s masterpiece. Sanjay finally spoke, “What do you want me to say, Maya?”“Just tell me the truth,” Maya said and gulped down all the wine in on go. Sanjay refilled her glass, and spoke in a hushed tone, “You chose the wrong man to love.” Maya’s warm tears rolled down her cheeks. She sat back on the chair and rested her head on her hands as she tried to hide her face. “I left… my… career… for him,” she said sobbing between words. Maya’s tears were like acid to Sanjay as he saw her heart breaking in front of him. He took a big gulp out of his glass which burnt his insides. He sat down and pulled his arm around her and patted her back, unsure what to say next. Sanjay took her into her embrace and hugged her tightly as Maya sobbed into his chest. With her so close, lines began to get blurry. He wanted to kiss her at that moment. The delicate flower in his arms needed to be felt. Sanjay took a deep breath and in that breath he could feel the pheromones emitting out her scent.
It was almost 10 o’clock and together both of them had finished two bottles of wine. “I need to go home…” Maya sighed looking at her cell phone. “Although, I am not missed at home,” she continued. “I am not going to let you drive home drunk,” Sanjay said hoping to keep Maya with her as long as he could. Maya smiled and said, “You’re really sweet. I wish I could have met you sooner.” She rested her head on Sanjay’s chest and closed her eyes. Sanjay could feel her breast brush his stomach. Only a few piece of clothing separated their naked bodies. The warmth emitted from her body made Sanjay go for the kiss. He cupped his hand under her chin and slowly brushed his lips to her tender pink lips. In an abrupt manner, Maya pushed Sanjay with all her strength, “What the hell are you doing?” she shouted and wiped her lips. The push from Maya made Sanjay fall to the couch. “I am still a married woman. Not to mention your friend’s wife,” Maya roared. Sanjay felt insulted. He rose up furiously and darted towards Maya, forcing himself upon her. Maya screamed and manoeuvred to get herself free. Finally, after a short struggle she escaped Sanjay’s constraints. She swung her hands and slapped Sanjay across the face which brought him back to his senses as if the blood had regressed back to his brain. The doorbell rang, and Maya dashed towards the door to answer it. Ranvijay stood at the door like a dog ready to pounce. Sanjay phone rang and it was a message from Ranvijay. “You should check that mail, maybe it is important,” Ranvijay said ominously, standing at the door with Maya. Sanjay’s eyes were left wide open. It was a video of him forcing himself on Maya, with a message on the bottom. I think Ranvijay would be best suited for the position in Dubai as you would make yourself unavailable. Love Maya


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