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Why Do Women Love Shoes?

Posted on the 19 September 2015 by Arjuunsahay

Why do Women love Shoes?

Most women own a pair of Black High heels

When I asked few of my female friends, why girls buy so many shoes? The answers I received left me scratching my temple.
Few of the replies that I got were:
  • Everyone has different reasons.”
  • “The dress should match the shoes, and the other way around.”
  • “Because we loooooooovvvvvve Shooooooeeeesssssss.”
  • “Accessories can make a colored top look amazing, and gives variation to eyesight.”
  • “I buy them when I feel sad.”

And the best answer that I got was:
  • “I am shifting to my new place, and two cartons are full of shoes.” When I asked again about my question, I got pictures of those cartons. 

So the conclusion I came upon was that it makes them happy. But, I was still left with the question as to how those things that we wear on our feet can make a human being happy?
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