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Was It a Date Or Not?

Posted on the 22 December 2015 by Arjuunsahay

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End to a perfect day

Outside the car, I wait
Are we meeting as friends or is this our very first date
I was puzzled what to wear
I decided my trusty black shirt and messy hair
Winter blossoms and winds get cold
Uncertain as to what this evening might hold

Then she appears, radiating as she walks

Her voice so child-like when she talks
I open the door and she smiles again
From there on our special night begins

Little anxious, I understood she was nervous

Hair in a knot, legs crossed looking serene on the surface
I believe my words were flattering as I described her what I thought
I couldn't lie she looked gorgeous in the moonlit dark
Then her pink lips turned to a familiar smile
On that face, my eyes kept fixated for a while

The knot opens, she lets down her hair

Forgive my manners, I can’t help but stare
It must have been rude, so I started stealing glances
Who knew we would connect so easily, what were the chances
I notice the little glint in her eyes
The more we converse, the further we're surprised
Numerous calls, each felt like a bother
My attention was set on her and no other
She said I never had such conversations
Aimlessly driving on a road without navigation

The moon shines its shadow over the water

What a romantic place, she was glad I brought her
Then it was time for me to drop her home
we didn’t realize we had spent hours alone
Long way or the short route was my question
Long way would be nice, was her suggestion
I am still ambivalent whether it was a date or not
These words just came as an afterthought. 

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