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Feminism & Masculism, Stole Mojo Jojo's Food

Posted on the 19 September 2015 by Arjuunsahay

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My name is Mojo Jojo

You may find it strange but I am a dog writing this article. Yes, a full grown pug. My name is Mojo Jojo, and bitches love my name, I mean the other female dogs. Usually I would write interesting things like how I stared at the wall all day and I almost caught my tail today, but I wanted to talk about my owners. Rana and Sheetal. I am talking about them because they forgot to feed me yesterday. 

It began last night when they were watching television and this old wrinkled lady came on the screen and talked about women rights and feminism. I didn't understood much but, I could see that Sheetal was not happy. Rana made a joke about how all feminist are also unattractive lesbians. I barked and laughed, but I didn't get the joke. This led to an argument between these them, and Rana slept with me in the other room.

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