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Cicciobello Love n Care Interactive Doll Review

Posted on the 07 October 2017 by Mummysspace @mmeeee
Say hello to our new addition, our little Cicciobello Love n Care baby doll from Flair. Both the twins were super excited to find that they had a baby boy to take care of, they love playing mummy, daddy and baby so this little guy was perfect for them and has been getting a whole lot of love.
Cicciobello Love n Care Interactive Doll Review

Meet the Cicciobello Love n Care Baby

The Cicciobello Love n Care baby doll is simply adorable, a little bundle of cuteness in blue which Zachary was delighted to see, he instantly said to Zoey, "I can play with you and be the Daddy as he is a boy" to which she got super excited about, it's funny how the mind of a 4 year old works isn't it? Both of the twins have had access to typically boy and girl gendered toys since they were born and have formed their own views and preferences entirely on what is a boys toy or a girls toy, therefore it is interesting to see how this Cicciobello doll appeals equally to both of them, transcending the gender barrier which I have often witnessed when they choose toys to play with.
Cicciobello Love n Care Interactive Doll Review
What makes this Cicciobello Love n Care doll different and special is not just how real and life like he is, but also the interactive side of taking care of him. Your child quickly learns to respond to his cries and things like his little cheeks that flush just like a real baby. It is this interactivity that the twins are most impressed with. They love trying to figure out if their baby is hungry, thirsty or ill and in need of medicine and this keeps them engaged wanting to return and play with him day after day.
Cicciobello Love n Care Interactive Doll Review
The Cicciobello Love n Care Baby comes with accessories which include three bottles, a dummy, thermometer and medicine. These accessories enable your child to determine what is wrong with their baby boy and respond in different ways until he stops cry and his cheeks are no longer flushed as he drifts off to sleep being cuddled.

Our Verdict

It makes me really proud when I watch the twins interact and care for their Cicciobello Love n Care baby boy, it is so nice to see them role play at being a Mummy and Daddy and they are adorably caring and concerned over their baby. They love all the accessories, being able to check their babies temperature with a thermometer just like I do when they are ill along with pretending to be the doctor and using the stethoscope gives this doll an extra play dimension and marries two of their favorite role play games - playing mummies and daddies and pretending to be doctors and nurses.

Win a Trip to Italy with Cicciobello and Smyths Toys

Cicciobello fans are also in for an extra treat as Smyths Toys are hosting a competition for fans to win a 5 day family trip to Italy, just head over to the Smyths Toys site for more details on how to enter.
Cicciobello Love n Care Interactive Doll Review

Where to Buy

The Cicciobello Love n Care doll is available to buy from Smyths Toys priced at £59.99 and is suitable for children aged 3+. I can highly recommend the Cicciobello Love n Care doll based on the play time and love he has received from my twins.  

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