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Cicciobello Sunny - A Doll to Teach Children About Sun Safety

Posted on the 05 April 2016 by Mummysspace @mmeeee
Cicciobello Sunny from Flair is a very special doll, he is seriously cute with his blondie hair and blue eyes but more importantly he teaches children and parents a very valuable lesson about UV rays and the sun and really helps to raise awareness on how important it is to wear sunscreen in the warmer sunnier weather. 
Cicciobello Sunny - A Doll to Teach Children about Sun Safety

What We Thought

Zoey was delighted when her new doll arrived, loving all his accessories including sun glasses, a pendant and wrist band for her to wear.  
Cicciobello Sunny - A Doll to Teach Children about Sun Safety

Cicciobello Sunny is a really good quality doll with beautiful blond hair that Zoey loves to brush, moving eyes so he can be put down for a nap and fully articulated arms and legs so he can sit up and join in with all the fun of picnics and play. 

Cicciobello Sunny - A Doll to Teach Children about Sun Safety After playing with him for awhile and stripping his clothes off,  Zoey was a little shocked to discover her new favorite doll was actually a boy which was quite amusing. Her twin Zachary was impressed though that the doll was like him. I have to admit with the whole blonde hair, blue eyes look Sunny reminds me of a little mini Zachary.  

Testing Tanning Time

We had a rare sunny day recently and decided to put the colour changing UV pendant to the test along with seeing for ourselves whether Sunny would actually tan so brought them along to the park with us. It was very cool to see how Sunny's tummy and face started tanning and the pendant changed color to a deeper purple. Before long he had visible tan lines where his skin was exposed and not covered by clothes. 

Cicciobello Sunny - A Doll to Teach Children about Sun Safety

He definitely tans.. and quickly - check out the color changing pendant too

As the color change is so visual, it really helps children to understand the importance of wearing sun screen and the effect that the sun has on your skin when you don't.

Teaching children about Sun Safety 

Although Cicciobello Sunny is meant for fun and his color changing properties are exciting to children, he comes with a serious message too, and opens up a valuable discussion between child and parent about their own sun care regime. This is why each doll comes with an informative guide both for parent and child about how to prevent sunburn and its ensuing health effects. By following Cicciobello’s rules children can learn about why the daily routine is necessary and make it a fun part of playing outside.

Where to Buy

Cicciobello Sunny is available to purchase from the usual toy retailers and online from sites including Argos and Amazon with a RRP of £29.99.
*Disclaimer: I received Cicciobello Sunny in exchange for a review. All views and opinions are my own and unbiased. 

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