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Confusing Choices!!

Posted on the 19 March 2011 by Penfriendly
Now, this's a situation every 2nd year engineering student must have faced....
Which laptop to buy???
My 2 bros did and I am following in their footsteps..Quite a sis, huh!!
My budget is around Rs35,000/- and I need a laptop. Don't exactly konw what should be its main features from the point of view of a 'budding' engineer...(Good lord!! 'budding' sounds so boring..used it several times in Press club!!! :| )..so, in case you know what these fetaures are, do let me know:)
Please suugest some good laps as I want it desperately....and if there are any new schemes coming up that may help me get more with small investment..you know what to do:)
My back aches sitting in front of my PC..I wanna read books in the comfort of my room..e-books I mean..and I can't stand the heat of the computer room...and I AM BIG ENOUGH TO HAVE A LAPTOP FOR MYSELF:)
Ya, you can laugh but you all have been through this phase or will go through it!!!
Well, you can also suggest some 'technical' reasons to buy a laptop as my parents won't be convinced with the above reasons (obviously, I haven't mentioned these to them. So, shhhh!!!!)
Also, there'll be projects and stuff coming up and eveytime I can't have the PC in college...after all...lappy is lappy!! There could be a more effective way of expressing the same. Hoping for some 'explanation' help from the elder people:)
To help me help my parents speed up the process, kindly suggest good technical reasons and any schemes you may be aware of. Who knows, the combination may work wonders and I finally get to see my much desired laptop:)
Please help the needy!!!!
hoping for good suggestions:)

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