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Crazy Poo!

Posted on the 05 June 2012 by Poojakaradgi
Weird,creepy, strange, eerie, bizarre...

Well,these are the words that my fellow classmates use for me!
I do quite agree to some extent for I behave typically weird at times.. like I go crazy..absolutely crazy sometimes..My reactions sometimes to certain things and situations are too unpredictable!Unlike the other guys and gals..I mean most of them,I dont agree to all what the other people say! I love arguing,debating and stuff alike!So,I may not seem to them as one of their own species whom we call Humans but believe me I am :P :P !Just a few days back I was chatting with one of my friends and we began talking of all the random and crazy things we wish to do someday in life! Mine brought a OMG reaction on her face which I was pretty much expecting! :P
Bungee Jumping!( All thanks to the coca cola adds !!(Aaj kuch toofani kartey hain) :)  )
Crazy Poo!
Crazy Poo!
Scuba Diving
Crazy Poo!
Going on a world tour..
Crazy Poo!
My family and friends call my eyes "The headlights"..To add to it,they say that just one angry stare of mine will be enough to black out the latter!I wanna see my own reactions if this actually happens someday! :P
Crazy Poo!
learn ballet dancing!
Crazy Poo!
Wanna shout so loud at someone that my voice gets temporarily down and the latter's ears[:P][:P]!
Crazy Poo!
Learn to fluently speak at least 10 languages..(4-5 should be foreign languages)!
P.S. : Currently know four: English,Gujarati,Kannada,Hindi..Sanskrit..Ummm..Less than the beginner level! :P Had started taking Spanish lessons online but found it too too difficult..Was able to memorize just a few basic words!:P
Crazy Poo!
Ride a camel or a horse
Crazy Poo!
Build my own website!
Crazy Poo!
Catch fish (Pure veggie I am! :P ) though the smell yuks me!
Crazy Poo!
Boxing with my best friend!
Crazy Poo!
Learn to walk with stilettos on my toes!
Crazy Poo!
Try out  all the vegan cuisines that too from the world's finest restaurants!(Foodie I am! )
Crazy Poo!
Well, the list'z never gonna end! :P
So I thought I should  wind up with my favorite hobby-Eating!

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