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Ctrl+Alt+Del = #lifestylereboot

Posted on the 10 November 2014 by Felicakes @felicakes

Where have the months gone? I feel like I have spiraled out of control and don't even know what month we are in now.  I felt like I have put my hands up for so many projects and things that I am burning out.  I am slowing trying to pull back though. 

What has happened in the last few months?   I ran my first Half Marathon (my race report is still in Draft mode actually), attended an overseas wedding (my sisters) and changed jobs (that was the biggest thing that happened in my little life). 

With all of that happening almost all at once, things got way out of hand and now, I have decided to pull the reigns back a little and take it easy.  With the help from Gary from No More Mr Fat Guy, I have joined up for his #lifestylereboot program. We all know that once in a while we need to reboot our computer or smartphones and this is Gary's approach to the #lifestylereboot.  A mini spring clean to your life.  

So this is my journey to my #lifestylereboot.  This blog and my facebook page willl be my sort of journal as I reboot my life trying to get back on track and maybe work towards a goal or two for the next year. 

First thing that I need to finish up is my Fremantle Half Marathon Race Report.  Right.  Better get on to it then eh? 

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