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The Perfect Brew

Posted on the 19 February 2015 by Felicakes @felicakes

Perfect Brew

I love drinking tea.  Green tea and black tea are my favorite kind. I am on a mission this month to find the perfect cup of tea.  I went to my favorite tea shop the other day and came home with something called Buddha's Tears (pictured).  One of the best teas I have tasted in my life.  I also learnt how to brew a good cup of tea.  One that doesn't taste bitter when it's cold.  

I was told that to achieve a non bitter taste green tea, the water must be at least 80 degrees Celsius. If you are one of the lucky ones that have a kettle that can boil water to this temperature, then you are lucky.  If not, this is what you do...

Fill your tea mug or tea pot with 1/5 cold or room temperature water and fill in the rest with boiling water. 

Once you have done that, add your tea leaves and brew for 8-10 minutes. That's it! Pretty simple right? I have not had a cup of bitter tea since. 

Next, to find the perfect brew for black tea. Do you take yours with milk and sugar? 

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