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Dead In A Mumbai Minute - Book Review

Posted on the 16 October 2014 by Mayankkashyap
Dead In A Mumbai Minute - Book ReviewGenre: ThrillerPages: 320Publisher: Pan Macmillan India
Book Jacket:
Reema Ray is a rare combination of beauty and brains. She is a brilliant sleuth who had once impressed the eccentric security professional Shayak Gupta. Reema is given a case in Mumbai – a murder case, of an Ashutosh Dhingre, a former assistant of the Bollywood superstar Kimaaya Kapoor, whose fame is on the decline. Ashutosh was found dead in Kimaaya’s private island. The suspects happen to be the house guests and Kimaaya herself. Reema also learns that Kimaaya was in a relationship with Shayak in the past. Shayak keeps disappearing very often and Reema finds this very unusual. This case is assigned to Reema by the firm Titanium, where Shayak works in. How is all this intertwined? Does Shayak have anything to do with the murder? Will Reema be able solve the case of the year? Find out the answers and more in this page-turner mystery novel.
Book Review:

It’s the season of murders and arrival of this book is like adding more cream on the cake. Dead in a Mumbai minute is the second book of Reema Ray mystery series written (wonderfully) by Madhumita Bhattacharyya. It’s very rare to see a narrative in a murder mystery and I believe it’s not an easy thing to do but the author has done a near perfect job. Her writing is engaging and lucid and the book is written in a very comfortable English.
A murder takes place in a private island of Bollywood diva Kimaaya Kapoor. Security expert Shayak Gupta along with his new recruit Reema Ray jumps on the scene to find the murderer. When Reema was slowly getting attracted towards her boss, she learns of Kimaayas’s past relationship with Shayak.
This book is not a riot of events. Initially the pace is slow but as the story progresses the flow gets going. The narration looks effortless and praiseworthy. There is a lot of suspense which will keep the readers intact with the story.
This book is an unfinished business and this is the biggest drawback for the “impatient and curious” readers (like me). Now I have to wait for the second part to know who was the murderer, why it happened, etc. etc. There are some low points in the book but then it doesn’t last for more than two or three pages every time it comes.
The character of Reema Ray is well built. She perfectly resembles a low grade detective who lands in the case of the year. She was foody and with foods comes her intelligence. Shayak was sharp and mysterious, nowhere near to any real person but intriguing indeed.
Thankfully the number of characters were well controlled and there was no unnecessary crowding unlike make other thriller book. If you can handle a murder mystery in parts then go for this book.
Overall, I believe it’s a good book with fine blend of mystery and humor at parts and worth reading. (HELL! I WANT THE SECOND PART. HAVING A TERRIBLE FEELING IN MY STOMACH. SECOND PART PLEASE.)
Rated- 3.5/5

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