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I Often Wonder What is Love ? A Strong Emotion Perhaps Wh...

Posted on the 06 October 2015 by Alka Narula @narulaalka
 I often  wonder what is love ? A strong emotion perhaps which is hard to express but at some or the other point of life we all get swayed by this strong emotion . Several poets have woven this feeling in the form of words and from time to time I pour it out as well . Here is another piece of poetry on love.  #poetry #poem #poetryonlove


It's always nice to have someone in your life that makes you smile even when they are not around

He kissed my eyes
And everything around me turned hazy
He held me tight
The wind went out of it's mind
And became crazy
It began to pierce through me
While I was cuddled up
In his velvety arms
I felt something is not right
But everything around me appeared so hazy
His breath had turned me blind
It pained but I had no tears in my eyes
The frenzy of night turned so hazy
While he placed his lips over mine
He rolled over me against the wind
And became a bulwark
The sparkling stars in the night
I could not see
The cascading moon in the sky
I could not see
The casting shadows of vines
Too disappeared
The crazy wind too became polite and began to recede
It became gentle amid the insane storm
Like a fairy in the night
I began to feel
Like a mermaid from deep blue sea
I felt like I have received
What I have been waiting for all my life
I began to float without wings or fins
Gallopped mid air and at times in deep blue sea
But gory life put everything on halt
I opened my eyes
Only stars I could see
I fluttered my lids
The cascading moon too appeared
But the wind was still subtle
And whispered in my ear
He has gone and has disappeared
His caresses and fragrance were all gone
Every night my never ending gaze
Amid chilling silence of night
I silently stare
And try to peer through the obsidian
Through the grey
But the raven and ebony only seem to play
I wonder when would wind blow once again
Pierce me through and give me immense pain
In the pleasure of that pain
I wait to gain
The caress and that embrace
That I longed for days
Though the panorama
I may not be able to see
But being swept off my feet
Is the only dream
Call me distraught
Call me insane
You can address me as frenzied by fate
But do I care
I can not share
The pleasure in pain
That I ought to gain
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