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DIY Easter Eggs

Posted on the 07 April 2012 by Nhing
DIY Easter Eggs
It's Easter again!! and I wanted to do something special for this holiday.  Last year we've got some colorful Egghead chocolates and now I made some "Marbled Eggs".
I was browsing on the web on some pretty ways to dye eggs until I bumped into this awesome marbled thing. It's on, just click on the Holidays category and every slice of it will roll up like film.
Here's how:
FIRST - Boil the eggs to cook.  Then let it set for a while to cool.
DIY Easter Eggs
SECOND - Lightly crack the surface of the egg but be careful not to peel-off the shell.
DIY Easter Eggs
THIRD -  Prepare your food coloring.  If you don't have the liquid based food coloring, you can also use the powder type.  Simply dissolve it in lukewarm water.  
DIY Easter Eggs
FOURTH - Place the eggs one at a time on plastic wraps, then pour your food coloring on it.  Leave it for 15 minutes or more depending on the consistency of your food coloring.
DIY Easter Eggs
FIFTH - Lightly wash the eggs with water then pour some vinegar on it.  Let it stand on paper towels to dry.DIY Easter Eggs
LAST - Ready to peel-off the shell to see the incredible SURPRISE.
DIY Easter Eggs

Have a great day... HAPPY EASTER!!!

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