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The 4Rs Project

Posted on the 29 March 2012 by Nhing
4Rs stands for the Four Principles of Waste Reduction such as Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Replace.
  • REDUCE   - Waste Prevention
  • REUSE       - Cost Effective Usage
  • RECYCLE -Reinvention
  • REPLACE - Selective Consumption
My previous boss is such an environmental advocate and such rules were implemented in our office.  We carry our own reusable mugs, plates and utensils instead of using a disposable one.  Bulk of paper from old files were compiled to be used as scratch paper for notes, inter-office memorandums, documents and circulars.  We often use email instead of fax to avoid excessive paper consumption and to reduce earth's global warming issues. Other materials such as bottles and cartons were donated in Tzu Chi Foundation for recycling.
On my part, better think twice before buying any product. Avoid plastic packaging which are non-biodegradable. Try carrying a reusable shopping bags on stores.  Some malls are now trying to implement awareness to their customers by putting up some booths wherein you can buy some Eco-friendly stuffs including these bags.
In that event, here's my share of DIY idea on how to turn your junk plastic bags in to a decorative window/door curtain.
Materials needed:PuncherScissors
Decorative templates / cut-outsNylon threadGlue gun / Glue stick
Wood / Bamboo plank
Flat Iron
Plastic / Sando bags
The 4Rs Project
Step 1Fold the plastic sheets into squares.  The bigger size, the better.
The 4Rs Project
Step 2Iron the plastic sheets to flatten.  Place a glossy paper over it to prevent from sticking on the iron plate.  Then let it cool for a while or place it between books to prevent it from curling.
Reminder:  Proper safety measures MUST be considered.  Wear hand gloves and face mask for protection.
The 4Rs Project
Step 3Trace and cut into any desired shapes or template.
The 4Rs Project
Step 4Punch holes on top and bottom and connect the pieces by using nylon thread.  Add some details by putting beads or any embellishment you prefer.  Pin the thread on small wooden planks to get the curtain decor outcome.  Sizes may vary depending on your requirement.
The 4Rs Project

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