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Little Wonders

Posted on the 19 April 2012 by Nhing
Little Wonders

This handsome boy is Dave.  A three-year old little prince of our family friend Ailyn and Richard Sobinsky.  He's my nephew's playmate and a constant visitor during birthdays :)  He's a cheerful boy.  You'll often see him sing and dance while watching television. He's pretty amazed with McDonald's "Hooray For Today" jingle. Haha.. I even love it too! Can't help not to swing and bounce my head while hearing the cute song from its commercial. Getting curious about what's on his mind at this early stage, so we've asked him to make his first ever sketch. 

Little Wonders

I've collected some photos from his first sketch attempt.  At first, he's not even used on holding a pencil but I can't seem to find any complain.  Maybe he's too busy to think of how hard it is or too excited to learn new activities.  I see the glowing interest in his eyes, like the norm kids on streets outside. My sister guides his hands and taught him how the pen glides.  Still confused on what color to pick, decision making... oh! I guess its his first.  We've told him what the world has in store, and God gave him a clear canvass for him to explore.

Kids are innocent yet profound.  They sometimes throw us questions that somehow makes us laugh, cry, annoy or surprised.  Undoubtedly, they are little angels that makes us see the world at its BEST!  We tend teach them a lot of things, and later on we realized that we get to learn more of beautiful things from them.

Little Wonders

I guess he loves the shades of blue.  I like his Mickey Mouse Clouds and the Banana Moon as well.

Here's a share of some often told words from the mom's I knew--they keep on telling this to their kids and somehow applied to themselves as well :)
Stars doesn't hide, they're just lending you their light.
Moon doesn't change, they're just giving you choices.
Sun doesn't sets, Sweetie.. they're just having an afternoon break.

Thunder doesn't burst, they're just painting your sky.
Clouds doesn't pass, they're just collecting tear drops.Wind doesn't hurry, Honey.. they're just playful fairies.

Plants doesn't wither, they're just waiting for spring.
Birds doesn't migrate, they're just strolling places.Rivers doesn't dry, Lovey.. they're just mingling with the ocean.

Time doesn't fly, they're just soaring Up high.
Days doesn't gone, they're just looking for months.Roads doesn't end, Baby.. they're just paving better ways.

Questions has its answers as to Life has its meaning.
Years has its seasons as to Circumstance has its reasons.World has its man as to Love has its someone.

My Dear.. everything is a Gift and GOD used to gave it.

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