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D.I.Y. Magnetic Polaroid Frame

Posted on the 11 January 2013 by Thecuriousmrbee @campbell988
D.I.Y. Magnetic Polaroid Frame
I was on my new favorite camera site: www.photojojo.com (check it out, it's really awesome) and I saw they were selling magnetic polaroid frames for your fridge. I thought this was such a great idea, but i also thought paying $15 was a bit steep. I took a quick look at them however and realized that they would be very easy to make! I also just so happened to have a sheet of photo-magnets laying around that I've been desperately figure out what to use it for. It was like the frames floated off the screen and into my blog.
They are laughably easy to make, even your dog could do it! (if only they had thumbs...) You can write un-funny witty comments about you and your friends and post it on the fridge for everyone to see! What's not to love? There is so much fun to be had with only a dollar.
Here's what you'll need:

    D.I.Y. Magnetic Polaroid FrameD.I.Y. Magnetic Polaroid Frame
  • Scissors
  • 1 sheet, Create your Own Photo-Magnets
    •  *Depending on how many frames you would like to make, will depend on how many sheets you need. You can easily get 2 frames from 1 sheet, so if you're planning on making more, you might have to spend $2 instead :O
      * You also want to make sure they are the ones with the sticky back. This is what you are going to be writing on later. 

Step 1 Take the photo-magnet sheet out of the package and approximate the width of your frame. You'll need to go a little over half (horizontally) to get the right width and about half (vertically) to get your height. 
You can use a ruler here if you would like to get straighter lines and exact measurements, but I free handed it. It gives it more of a vintage rough look when it's not perfect, but some may argue it looks sloppy and homemade. If that's the case for you then a ruler is the way to go!
Do not take off the glossy paper on the back (white paper holding the glue) because this is what you're going to use to write on later with your dry erase markers.   D.I.Y. Magnetic Polaroid Frame
Step 2
Cut out the middle. Remember this is a Polaroid frame, so the bottom is going to be much thicker then the rest of the frame. If you need a visual to go off of you can take a look at mine here, or just google images polaroid frames and you will get a good idea for size.
What I did was poke the pointy end of the scissors into the middle of the square. From there I cut up and started shaping a smaller circle from the inside. Note that it is better to start with the edges of your frame too thick then too thin. When they are thicker you can slowly cut down the sides until they get to your desired length, rather then regretting how small you accidentally cut them. *Less is more!
As you can see in the picture, the original square I cut out is much smaller then the size I ended up with.
D.I.Y. Magnetic Polaroid Frame
Step 3
And there you have your very own magnetic polaroid picture frame! You can use these for your kitchen fridge and impress all your roommates with your amazing crafting skills :)
D.I.Y. Magnetic Polaroid Frame D.I.Y. Magnetic Polaroid Frame

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