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Don’t Sympathize With My Predicament – A Short Story #shortstory

Posted on the 03 February 2018 by Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

I walk, I stumble, I fall down. That’s my predicament. I know it happens usually with me. But that is fine. I am a natural actor. I have to perform all the time. Because that is what everybody demands from me.  And that everybody includes me too. I also want to see myself performing all the time. Without a break. Without bothering about anyone pointing a finger at me. People should look at their talent first before pointing a finger at anybody else’s. And who are they? Do they pay me? No. It is the person who pays me has all the rights to command me. He can, of course, point out a finger if there is a deviation in what he says me to do and what I actually do. Because he is a perfectionist. And when he says I am performing well, that means everything to me.

Don’t Sympathize With My Predicament – A Short Story #shortstoryPhoto credit: Didier Hannot Photography on Visualhunt.com / CC BY-NC-ND

Robert is the king of this area. In fact, he is stronger than local police. He wants anything to happen and it happens. Nobody can stop him. I have nobody else in my life. He is my master, friend, family, and everything. He treats me as his child. Actually, that doesn’t suit his age. He is just 24. But then he is powerful. And power decides her shape, size, and actions. Nobody can dare to challenge power. I am with Robert for last 20 years. That is my age. That means as far as I remember, I don’t know anybody else in my life except Robert and of course, Maria, Robert’s mother. She is the one who brought me from nobody knows from where to accompany Robert. She is the one who taught me in my childhood that doesn’t let anybody sympathize with your predicament.

I don’t let Predicament come in my way

And that has become my life mantra. I don’t let my predicament come in between me and anything else. But why do I fail in front of Robert I never understand. Is it because if he was not there in my life, I would have been nothing. Otherwise what else could be the reason. Robert says power comes to them who deserve it. it is like money. It is not like education that you go and buy it. Like intelligence. It comes from within. You can’t learn intelligence. It comes from within. Let it be. I have to just focus on my performance. Because if I don’t perform, Robert will not pay me.


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