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Dreams II

Posted on the 28 May 2012 by Alka Narula @narulaalka
dreams II
A closet of dreams ,
few accomplished few un achieved ,
I opened the door for you to see
the ones you can accomplish
complete ,
like a comatose , like a deceased
I felt without you though I lived ;
be my anchor , navigate me
you are my oar, take the lead ,
widen your arms a bit
accommodate me ,
I am within your reach ;
now let me feel
your warm  breath ,when you breathe
like a novice  I want to feel ,
with you around
when you take the lead ;
my heart pounds when I see the gleam ;
let me drown in your eyes
now don't let the gleam recede ,
my closet of dreams
lies open for you to see ,
here's the key to closet of my dreams ,
don't fear the sound its my heart throb
anxiously waiting for you to turn the key ;
 give me every thing that's in your means
copyrigh(c)alka narula
photo credit photo bucket

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