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First Day Of Life Taking Stride of 26 Steps – #Poetry

Posted on the 14 February 2018 by Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

It was the first day of my life on earth

The nurse announced – “It is a girl”

I could feel an ounce of extra care and caution in her touch

I could realize an artificial smile on his face

Nothing was suspicious of their feelings

I was nobody to judge my parents

In fact, I was too young to understand it.

That was pretty good for me, as a matter of fact.

But the reality is far more than this.

I could not see her silent prayers

Neither could I see his countless plans building in his mind

About my care, education, and so on.

The flow was unidirectional as of now.

I could not even feel and sense appropriately.

After all, it was my first-day of life.

Moreover, I was not suspicious of anything as of then.

Life starts moving quite fast.

In fact, it never stops or waits for someone to catch the train.

Rather, everyone has to set his or her pace to cope up with the speed.

First Day Of Life Taking Stride of 26 Steps – #PoetryPhoto on VisualHunt.com

So did I while growing to school age.

He was the one to decide that I will go to the best of the schools

She was the first to understand how difficult will it be for them to manage.

But still, it was a decision by both of them.

And I was still at the receiving end without losing anything.

That was my first day of life in one of best schools of the city.

I was not treating my luxury as suspicious.

In fact, I was nobody to.

As I was not a party to it.

Except being a recipient of the whole.

But there is a law of nature that says

Anybody’s gain is somebody’s loss.

Who was losing and what

I was not aware.

Everyday Is First Day To Learn

As a matter of fact, everything happens so perfectly sometimes

That you never become suspicious of the pain behind a smile.


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