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Posted on the 14 May 2012 by Alka Narula @narulaalka
                                       Like a cloud in the sky,
                                        with no wings I can fly,
                                   I need no cave , no hideaway
                                     like a proud  pachyderm ,
                              I walk on the road that is confined
                         to prerogative world with exclusive rights ;
                    I feel now,  I feel now away from melancholy of life .
                                   I am no bird  but I can fly,
                                  I rise and  I dive,I can glide,
                          can fight the fears , those were intense
                overpowered my mind for years but now have condensed ;
                          my heart is confined in four walls of mine
                                I hear no cries ,I have no ties
                       I am free now,I can fly without no wings .
                      Away from the world with exclusive rights ,
            away from the world ,away from the melancholy of this life ,
                  I feel now,I feel free from fake and fictitious ties .
                              Like a storm I walked away
                                       I have no whims
                                 no desires and my craves ,
                                    I left them far away
                      in mendacious world , where no one is real
                                 no more I feel I am frail
                                    like a pachyderm
                               I left ,I have no claims
                  I am free now , free like a cloud I fly away .
copy right(c)alka narula
photo credit ohoto bucket

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