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Friend Or Foe?

Posted on the 01 September 2012 by Blogginmegan @blogginmegan
Recently my last single friend started dating. And what a surprise to find out that after only two weeks, she's moving in. Must be her biological clock that's ticking, or THE FEAR, the fear of ending up alone, going to parties without someone holding your hand, or someone to brag about in public. After she moved in with the latest love of her life we attended a party together. Did some dancing, had a few cocktails and were having a blast. Then all of a sudden she asks me: "Do you like be single? You should really be more open to relationships. Don't you feel alone?" Well, thanks hon'! That pretty much screwed up my evening. Ofcourse I feel alone, but not because I am single (which by the way, is not a carefully chosen lifestyle) but because my friends are boycotting me more and more! I am single, therefore I am a threat to them. They don't have time for me anymore, but when they get the chance they take every opportunity to brag about their happiness and make "single" look like the next dangerous desease. Seriously, if having a boyfriend changes a friend to a foe, I am happy to be part of the new single-epidemic. My medicine? Booze and cigarettes, and in this case, maybe some new friends?
When a guy asks "Why are you still single?" it's a compliment, seeing as they don't understand why such a lovely person hasn't been snatched up yet. But when a girlfriend asks the question, it makes you feel something is wrong with you. Because honestly, what could you possibly say to answer this question? If you anwer it with "I actually like being alone and don't need a boyfriend to complete my life" then everybody looks at you like you're pathetic! And what is with the awardwinning comment: "Don't worry, it will happen for you!" Does it look like I am worried? No, I look terribly fabulous, and that's that!

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