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Why Perfect Men Are Gay

Posted on the 23 April 2012 by Blogginmegan @blogginmegan
Ok, let’s talk about romance first, every girls’ favorite topic. Or at least it has to be, since there is an entire film industry based on it; based on the hope that gentlemen do exist, that guys actually organize picnics, drink wine, talk about literature, take you on boat trips and do not think of you naked during a date. Yeah, right…
I am a sucker for romantic comedy, but the thing is: this would NEVER HAPPEN in real life. Let’s start by shaking this fairytale right now shall we: Men like beer. Men like sports. Men do not want to talk about you. Men think about sex all the time and if you are still looking for the perfect guy; stop it, he’s gay!
I was looking for romance for a long time. The result; I am single, have a cat and my best friend is a gay guy. Which is great and I love them both, but honestly.. getting a date when you only go to gay bars and talk about your cat is not really working, no matter how good-looking you are ;)
So, note to self (and to whoever is reading): do not dismiss the alcoholic sports fan just yet! After all, don’t our dads also watch sports, love cars, drink beer, burp and pick their noses in the car when they think nobody is watching? And do we love them to death? YES! Why? Because they are there for us when we need them. And shouldn’t that be the dream? Shouldn’t that be the white picket fence fairytale that romance is all about? Well, just a thought…

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