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Is This Really It?

Posted on the 23 April 2012 by Blogginmegan @blogginmegan

So here it is! I am 26, single and forced to live with a noisy roommate because all that money that I always thought I would earn, still hasn't visited my bank account yet. At 16 I thought that I would be a grown woman by now; successful, married, the whole sh’bam. Reality? Guess again. I have 356 friends on Facebook, but stay indoors almost every weekend, watching movies or playing games on my phone with people I don't know...
Instead of writing all of this down in a sad little journal I keep beside my bed, I decided to share it with, well.. you. Because seriously; if I would be the only one feeling alone at times.. the whole digital networking thing couldn't possibly have survived. The key to it all is friendship. Everybody wants it, needs it and tries to find it. But even with friends you can feel alone sometimes. So, if you can't rely on your friends, should you become (as cliché as it sounds) you own friend?
To verify: this blog will not be about a stranger trying to better her life by quitting smoking, eating healthy, working out and being a better person in general. No! This blog will be about me starting to get that hint of arrogance back that all single ladies approaching 30 need at times ;) Let's think about ourselves for a change! Agreed?

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