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The Apartment We Dream About...

Posted on the 02 May 2012 by Blogginmegan @blogginmegan
Hi there, it's me again; the eternal optimist! ;) Today I went shopping for a new apartment. Was looking for something a little bigger than my current housing space and with a separate kitchen and bathroom. Seems like a reasonable thought, doesn't it? Boy was I wrong! All I found were tiny rooms where the shower is next to the kitchen sink, which is placed next to the foot of the bed. Not to mention the "allure" of the neighborhood! And all of that for a lousy 1500 dollars a month; sure, because I make loads of money and enjoy living in a closet!
My parents keep asking me why I don't want to find a place of my own, since I am hitting 30 and all (dude I am only 26!!) well here's why; it's depressing, not to mention impossible! Mom and dad were already disappointed with the fact that I STILL do not have a boyfriend, let alone live with a roommate, whilst my sister is popping out her 3rd child age at the age of 28, just waiting to dress it up with the latest Tommy Hilfiger outfit and secretly hoping that the color of her newborn’s eyes will match her Prada shoes… Well, she has different problems ;)
Anyway, just wanted to share this frustration with you today. If you are still dreaming about the perfect apartment in the perfect neighborhood for a reasonable price; do yourself a favor and give it up. Look around; is your current place really that bad? Or did you just decide that it was….

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