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Gita A Timeless Guide From Action To Devotion To Wisdom #BookReview

Posted on the 18 March 2018 by Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

Gita A Timeless Guide For Our Time Translated by Isaac Bentwich is a wonderful book of wisdom. It is in fact beyond the boundaries of time and cultures. It is for everyone who is living on this earth. And also for those who are yet to take birth. That is why it is a timeless precious guide for our time. For Mahatma Gandhi, it was like a Mother. A mother, who always cares selflessly and teaches limitlessly. It is a learning to unleash your full potential and get conversant with your inner powers. Although it is an ancient guide to happiness, meditation, and spiritual inner-growth, it is as fit in today’s life as well. In this time of immense turbulence, it is the best guide to fight against the bruises of our time. Like, brutality, hatred, ego, greed, contention, mistrust, and disbelief.

Gita A Timeless Guide From Action To Devotion To Wisdom #BookReview

Gita A Timeless Guide For Our Time by Isaac Bentwich is, as a matter of fact, the best ever guide for our inner-journeys. Gita is one of the rare books that is scientific, spiritual, poetic, and classic at the same time. That is why it has been able to attract scientists, poets, thinkers and spiritual gurus from all across the globe beyond the boundaries of geographies. Like, Beethoven, Leonard Cohen, Goethe, Carl Jung, Schrodinger, Oppenheimer, Emerson, Thoreau, Mahatma Gandhi, Michael Singer, Mother Teresa, and Eckhart Tolle, to name a few. All of them found Gita as a great source of Inspiration and Wisdom. Everyone who reads it finds it most impactful and meaningful book of all times. Actually, it teaches you to connect with your inner-self and listen to your inner-voice. That is what we forget usually when moving from our childhood to adulthood.

Gita A Timeless Guide is A Book Fit For Every Age

Gita A Timeless Guide For Our Time is a book for inner-development and spiritual growth. I will recommend it to everyone. The book is in three parts. Part one concentrates on Path of Action. Part two focuses on Path of Devotion. And finally, the part three talks about Path of Wisdom.

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