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Gluten Free Transition

Posted on the 08 January 2012 by Thesecretlifeofjen

I am trying to get full into Paleo, but taking my time with it.  I’ve had about 2 ‘cheat’ meals so far.  The focus last week was for the most part, been to remain Gluten free.  And as a result, I’ve been feeling some real understanding for all those Gluten free people out there.  I have completely been avoiding bread and pasta, until ….

Looking for a pasta alternative?   Hello SlimPasta!

Gluten Free Transition
6.4 calories per serve?  How do they do it?!  It’s a vegetable!  Konjac.

But how do we do it?  Easy – Rinse under cold wate

Gluten Free Transition
Add hot water for one minute

Gluten Free Transition
Drain, and that is it!

Yup, it is that easy.  For the convenience, under two minutes and a vegetable based pasta, under 7 calories per serve – I am sold!

Has anyone else tried SlimPasta?

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