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Going to Kupang is One Hell Decision I Have Made

Posted on the 17 June 2016 by Arwinkim
I still remember on November 2015, my uncle phoned me offering a short course in Jakarta for three days as requirement to be his employee in an association that he was about to run in Kupang, capital city of Nusa Tenggara Timur Province. So, I had arrived in El Tari airport on June 2 night, meaning I've been more than two weeks here already. Kupang is a nice city with huge potential of business and employment but the weather between 28 to 38 celcious, enough to burn your skin for a matter of minutes. I don't socialise with the locals here always that I stay in the office almost everyday. Can't tell the locals are nice in general, but we Muslims are minority here and it don't matter because majority and minority live in peace here. I love this city and hopefully I can start my own business here if I have enough money.
What makes so frustrated staying here that I am in same roof with my uncle, notoriously known temperamental. What's worse? He likes to command everybody under his authority to do houseworks such as washing his dirty clothes, cleaning dishes, wiping windows, cleaning floor and other shits. It's all I am doing here besides sitting my ass in his office. Did I forget to mention it's month of fasting for Muslims? It kills me. I done.
I swear I will come back here as his employee and stay with him. I find a chance to return to my home village on Id'l Fitr, a great celebration day of Islam. It's a routine for Muslim in Indonesia to return to their home village with family to celebrate the day.

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