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Good Bye Blogger

Posted on the 04 February 2014 by Arwinkim

I’ve been using Blogger or Blogspot over six years and it has become my second home to share everything about myself especially on this blog. However, I am little disappointed because Google as the owner of the blogging platform is not professionally managing our blogs.

Yesterday, I opened this blog and I was surprised that Google had deleted it without any reason. I wondered how it happened? I never violated Blogger TOS, but why?

Then, I logged in to my account to see perhaps I could recover it. After I logged in, surprisingly this blog was online again.

However, how long did my blog disappear? One day? One week?

I am disappointed. This is actually just small issue but I am afraid it will persist in the future. I need a blogging platform that its owner professionally maintains our blogs that being hosted. That being said, Blogger is not a good option.

Therefore, from now on, I will leave Blogger and choose Tumblr to write on. I am not going to delete permanently this blog that I believe there are still information that some people need from this blog.

Good bye Blogger!

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