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Graduate Rant

Posted on the 05 November 2014 by Larlarcharms

Graduate problems #1

Hands up if you haven’t even started drafting blog posts. *Waves*.

Maybe I need to employ someone to help me keep up to date with this blog. Any takers?

Did I mention that I expect you to work for free?

What do you mean get stuffed?!

Exactly! So why do people think it’s okay to come to me for a freebie?! Calm down I’m chattin’ about animation work. Just to be clear, internships, studios, organisations, etc., are on another tier. I’m talking about those who are doing a friend a favour or are working on personal projects where they ‘ain’t’ getting paid. OK.. But why is it fine for me to do their work for them and also not get paid. I didn’t graduate for this!?

But truth be told, none of these personal projects have really interested me which leads me on to my next point..

I really want to work as an illustrator and am currently working on my portfolio. You should check out my online showcase, it’s awesome (well I’m not going to say it’s rubbish am I?! Unless reverse psychology works..):

☆♔ Awesome work here!.. ♔☆

Hopefully I’ll have a shiny, updated website for you in the upcoming weeks (。´∀`)ノ.

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