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Guest Post: Truths & Lies: Living the Hockey Life

Posted on the 09 October 2013 by Lifeofasportswife @jessaolson
Today the lovely Mar has taken over my blog. I met her through Mrs. Kim at Travel Babbles. I love connecting with these wives so much because whether it is in the front office or playing it's a different than corporate america. The hours are consistent in any way. Several wives put their careers on hold for the husbands to pursue their dreams and goals. I have had so many different jobs in different cities because we have moved so much for the husbands job. 
I wouldn't have it any other way because we have also gotten to go places that we would have otherwise have. 

So here's Mar! 

Hello Life of A Sports Wife friends! 

My name is Mar and you can find me over at t.o. & fro.  I am a travel addict, animal lover, photography junkie, outdoor enthusiast and like Jessa, a sports wife! By day, I am an educator at an aquarium, but by day, night, and weekend, I am my hockey-playing hubby's #1 fan. 

When Jessa first asked me to write about my life as a "hockey wife", I was a bit nervous.  I don't readily offer up the fact that my husband plays hockey for a living because, let's face it, when the words "professional", "hockey" and "player" come out, it usually trumps everything else, and there is so much more to us and our relationship than just hockey. With that being said, I am also sooooo proud of him, so today I am excited to be able to share with you some truths and lies about living the hockey life. 

Guest Post: Truths & Lies: Living the Hockey Life Lies: 

1//  We're millionaries. 
I wish! Yes, it's amazing that my husband gets paid to play the game that he loves, but we still have bills and debt, and having a second income from my job definitely helps with that. 
2//  Hockey wives are high maintenance. 
If only you could see what I look like while I'm writing this post - hair tied back, no makeup and sweatpants.  It's how you find me on any given day, except maybe when I switch the sweatpants for my work pants.  Yes, I do like to get my hair, nails and makeup did, like every other girl I know, but to keep up with that routine, and cost, just isn't me and because my job as an educator at an aquarium requires me to get down and dirty, there's no point.   

3//  Players hate the fans. 
Sure there are some crazies out there, all sports have them, some maybe even with ulterior motives, but for the most part the fans are awesome!  Yes, some fans can be ruthless and very fair-weather and I've had to bite my tongue while watching him play, but most of the time I'm on my feet cheering right along. Watching a hockey game is supposed to be entertaining and there's nothing a player loves more than playing a home game in front of a packed rink of screaming fans. It gets them pumped.  And we can't forget that if it weren't for the fans, my husband would not have a job.
Guest Post: Truths & Lies: Living the Hockey Life Truths: 
1//  Routine is crucial. 
Hockey players have their superstitions and their game day routine is no exception. My husband's goes a little something like this: Pregame skate, pregame meal, pregame nap, game time.  Pregame meal usually consists of chicken and pasta, which I could probably make it with my eyes closed, and the house quiet hours are always 2-4pm on game day.  Then a quick kiss, good luck and he's out the door by 4:30pm. If I'm at work, then it's a call around 4:45pm to say good luck.  Even I've adapted my own routine to accommodate his, which I'm totally ok with if it means he'll have a good game. 

2//  It gets lonely. 
It's definitely not a typical 9 to 5, Monday to Friday kind of gig. 72 games in a season mean 36 at home and 36 away. Road trips can last anywhere from a few nights to almost a month. Although there are other wives, a job, maybe even a dog to keep you company and busy, it can still get pretty lonely.  Some players also have young children, so mom has to take on double duty while dad is away.  You build a very strong bond quickly with the other women because they can relate to your situation.  

3//   We've met some incredible friends and visited cool places. 
Over my husband's 7 year professional career he's traveled North America, with the chance to play as far west as Cali, as far east as NY and the Carolinas, as far south as Florida and as far north as Alaska. Now he's been given the opportunity to play at home in Ontario, something he hasn't done for 10 years. While we've met incredible people on all teams he's played for, some we've kept in touch with, some not, and grown to learn that the hockey world is extremely small, the most memorable experience was spending the past 3 years in Alaska. That being said, the hockey season comes with a lot of instability - often 8 months in one place and 4 months in another. There is a lot of moving involved, and oftentimes you're limited on what you can bring, which is not as easy as it sounds when you're packing for a place, and often climate, you've never experienced before. To add some stress, if there's a trade you may be required to pack up all your belongings on a moments notice and move across the country.  We had only 5 days notice to move to Alaska! So there you have it friends, a glimpse at my hockey life in a nutshell. I feel blessed to be living this life and for my husband to be playing the sport that he loves for a living. It may be crazy at times, and definitely comes with its ups and down, but I wouldn't change it for a thing.   To learn more about how we met and our adventures, pop on over and say hi!  I look forward to being friends. Where to find me: Blog  |  Bloglovin  |  Instagram
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