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Haven’t Yet Received Call for Job Interview

Posted on the 25 November 2014 by Arwinkim

I already sent a number of job applications to employers, since I had received my bachelor certificate. The bad news is, I haven’t yet received any call for a job interview. I just…. I just can’t stand with this boredom of doing nothing at home. I need to do something, which is working to make money.

In the mean time, I actually also get interested to continue my education to higher level, which is magister through scholarship that I can’t afford it. I want to have a magister degree especially in arts or management. However, I don’t want to waste my time to study although I dreamed to have higher education level. What really matters now, I want to work and work to make my dreams come true.

Remember I posted I’d like to work at mining sector in Australia back then because it paid well? Ah, forget it! Apparently, I am not ready for that. Working at mine requires high precision and is extremely risky. Besides, I don’t have mining background neither education and experience. I am finding education-related jobs as a graduate of English Department that studies English Language & Culture. So, what are they? I’d like to mention hospitality and tourism. Yeah, both of them seem suit me at most. Speaking of which, I am most eager to work in hospitality sector. Yeah, just say being hotelier. Hotelier is a good occupation. It enables you to meet people from various background. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Imagine you chit-chat with foreigners with their native language.

I am fully aware that I just get started to work. I am still in hunting phase. Huh! I don’t know what my life will be in the future. I submit myself to my God Allah. I believe in Him. I plan, He decides. I have to work really really hard to have a better living.

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