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Heart and Chiz : Puso at Keso – In Short “PuKe”

Posted on the 23 October 2012 by Technospecs

Heart and Chiz : Puso at Keso – In Short “PuKe”

Heart Evangelista and Chiz Escudero? A love couple?

“Puso at Keso” – In short, PuKe!

Whether its in Tagalog or English, both are not really good words to hear. ….and it goes the same for what I have to say about the two.

They’re quite an odd couple. The age difference is very obvious. Probably the only common thing I see is that they are both seen as popular personalities infront of the camera, but each one has different “fans” because one is in politics and the other one is in showbiz.

But wait just a minute, isn’t it almost one and the same already as you could see celebrities going into politics (the latest of which is Aga Muhlach seeking for a congressional seat in the fourth district of Camarines Sur), and politicians selling themselves as if they are celebrities (we see a lot of them endorsing products and services, and some guesting on TV).

Chiz Escudero was even seen as a special guest co-host of Kris Aquino in her morning talk show Kris TV.

Heart and Chiz : Puso at Keso – In Short “PuKe”

I guess its not debatable that Chiz is also after the media exposure he would get for accepting the roles of product endorser and co-host….and when he admitted on national TV that he and Heart Evangelista are seeing each other as a couple, I became doubtful this guy just doesn’t want some media exposure, he also wants to be the talk-of-the-town “chizmiz.”

True enough, many started talking about the revelation in mainstream media and even online. Showbiz and entertainment blogs, even politics and government critic blogs like Philippines Election Journal.

If you search for Chiz Escudero’s name in Google, among the top on the list of search results would be Chiz’ romantic involvement with Heart Evangelista.

Heart and Chiz : Puso at Keso – In Short “PuKe”

Which led me to ask “Why now?” and “Why a sudden announcement when the election is already nearing?”

I didn’t even see or heard any pressure towards the direction of Chiz , or even Heart, that would make them announce their romantic link with each other. …or am I just out of the loop with regards to showbiz, but I’m pretty sure I’m a follower of politics. Honestly, I never saw any reason why they need to divulge this information if not intended to provoke “conversations” among the “madlang people”.

I would really say its too apparent that they just want to arouse some “kilig” factor among their showbiz and politics followers…..and also to get the interests of those that do not follow them.

For me, Chiz is a good talker and debates well, but sometimes it gets irritating when he sounds like he’s doing a campaign speech and seems to be “rhyming”. He would surely get some additional points here out of all these rumors, as his name once again becomes popular. We Filipinos are suckers for “name-recall” tactics or gimmicks. We easily fall for these cons or dramatic romantic effect which seems to downgrade our politicians like ordinary citizens who can fall in love, crack jokes on TV, laugh with the other showbiz personalities – all to make him look like he is a down-to-Earth guy who could be approachable and friendly.

Ahhh, it really sucks when people are blinded by popularity and fail to look into the credentials and accomplishments of our government leaders. They would have their fancy advertisements, rubbing shoulders with top celebrities, promising a lot for the people, and going down to the level of the common people smiling, shaking their hands, going into the markets or any other crowded establishments – just for their votes!

There was this Yehey Brewing Point Live chat that one blog talked about where they were able to ask Chiz about certain matters, but even I believe it ain’ substantial enough to convince me he has significant accomplishments, and the right mindset to continue working as one of our Senator.

So, do you agree that Chiz Escudero is just using this romantic connection with Heart Evangelista as a gimmick to increase his chances of winning in his run for a second term in 2013?

Will I be voting for him from what I hear in the news lately, and based from the “track record” he boasts of?

Something deep inside tells me I may have to look first into the other candidates before I decide to go back to him and consider him as one of my choices.

Let me know also what you think, guys!….and maybe you could persuade me to reconsider.

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