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Hello July

Posted on the 01 July 2013 by Hersunday @hersunday
It blows me away that June is already over.
In June...
  • I started summer course work for two youth literature classes and realized that even if I read every waking hour I'd still have trouble keeping up. I've been working on not sweating it and just doing the best I can.
  • IMG_0854
  • My sister Lindsey and her boyfriend Spencer got engaged!
  • IMG_0821
  • We celebrated my niece, Nellie's, 3rd birthday. Andy and I made Nellie and Nixon some camping chairs and (thankfully) they were a hit!
  • IMG_0898
  • For Father's Day we went up to Logan. We had lunch at The White Owl (a summer tradition.) After lunch we drove up Logan Canyon to check out a campsite we have reserved for August. We did a nearby hike and realized we are both out of shape and need to hit the trails more often. The day ended with a picnic dinner at Andy's parents house.
  • IMG_0118
  • Over our 2nd anniversary weekend we allowed ourselves a short getaway to Jackson Hole and Yellowstone. It just made me want to make more time for travel in the upcoming year. 
  • Andy's brother Bret and his girlfriend, Camie got engaged! 
  • IMG_0150
  • Jen and the kids came for a visit yesterday. Nellie picked her own little bowl of raspberries from the garden to munch on. She ate the sweet ones and gave all the 'pink sour ones' to us. :)

In July...
  • Hopefully we'll see some fireworks and if it's not too hot we'll check out the Cruise In Classic Car Show.
  • I'd like to get in at least one Bee's baseball game too. They've finally got some home games coming up.
  • We'll be playing at Lagoon with my family in a couple of weeks and I'm super excited for it.
  • I'm also hoping to get a couple weeks ahead on coursework so I can enjoy more free time in August.
  • We'll continue the casual house search and hopefully fix a few more things up around here.
  • Do everything on my Summer Manifesto.

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