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Hidden Trap in Bookoopedia.com

Posted on the 08 June 2012 by Arwinkim
Bookoopedia.com is one of biggest online book stores in Indonesia. The website not only sells book in bahasa but also in English. Besides that, the website helps us to buy any book on Amazon.com.
I was going to buy a book entitled "I Never Promised You a Rose Garden" for my thesis on the site, but I cancelled it due to the price system mistake. I don't know whether it was programming error, or they mean to do it. As you can see the book price below
Hidden trap in Bookoopedia.com
the crossed original price was Rp.165k and discounted become Rp.112.k. So, you save Rp.53k, pretty cheap, isn't it? I don't think so, because if you convert Rp.165k to US dollar, it's around $15, and Rp.112.k around $10, meanwhile in Amazon, it sells for $4,89 only. When, I clicked Beli (buy) button, the original price crossed again, but the total price didn't change it all! It supposed to be Rp.112k, and also in the sub-total the price didn't change.
Hidden trap in Bookoopedia.com
Finally, I decided to save money rather than waste it.

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By dadang347
posted on 29 January at 09:12
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i think you missed the discount (IDR 53,000) in your calculation. the supposed price IDR 165,000 was cut off to 112,000. so this web didn't lay any trap at all.