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Holiday Gift Ideas For Men

Posted on the 23 November 2014 by Genzelkisses

I’m currently starting to make a list of stuff that I need to buy this holiday season. I already bought gifts for my mom and some girl friends. Do you agree that it’s harder to pick a gift for men than women? Comment below if you agree! HAHA! Us girls use a lot of stuff, makeups, accessories, bags, and more while boys are mostly picky with what they wear and have a variety of interests.


T-shirts from Uniqlo

Currently, my boyfriend’s favorite brand for clothes is Uniqlo. They have a lot of men stuff in their stores and he likes how the clothes fit. There are plain tees and printed ones. Don’t forget to check their sweaters and jackets.


My favorite gift to my dad when he was still working in a corporate office, comfy socks! :D This is pretty easy as there are a lot of nice brands in department stores for socks. However, it depends on the shoes and activities he’s going to use it for.


Cool selection of watches at Zalora from Zoo York

Most guys love watches but my boyfriend is an exception to that. Haha. If your guy loves watches, I highly suggest to check Zoo York’s collection of watches for men! There are a lot of designs to choose from, be it casual to formal wear plus they are affordable too!


Urban Ears Headphones from Digital Walker

Who doesn’t love to listen to music especially while stuck in traffic right? :D I think this particular design and color is a hit for guys who prefer headphones for comfort and better sound quality. I saw these from Digital Walker stores around P2,000++.


Next Gen Consoles (PS4 or XBox ONE) from Datablitz

I gifted my boyfriend his PS3 last Christmas so I’m not sure if I’ll replace it with PS4 this time since he’s currently more into musical stuff, most probably I’ll just buy him a new electric guitar. Consoles are best gifts for brothers or your boyfriend if they are gamers or they just simply want to play games during their free time. It’s a great stress reliever and they will surely give you the biggest hug this Christmas!

That’s it for my top holiday gift ideas for men. Let me know if you have other suggestions! I’ll start doing some holiday shopping by the end of the month so I’ll definitely check your list! ;)

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