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Hong Kong 6: Protests

Posted on the 02 April 2015 by Larlarcharms

Yellow Umbrella Movement

The student protest officially commenced on the day I flew out to Hong Kong. I have previously mentioned the protest in the Wan Chai district here. Just before those photos were taken, a by stander was handing out  yellow ribbon brooches to spread the support. I still have mine.


You can read more about why the movement became known as the Umbrella Revolution here.

The Umbrella Movement disbanded months ago and unfortunately as I understand, it did not trigger the Government to re-evaluate their election policy. But this does not mean that the protests were in vain.

They are probably just the start of the Hong Kong people voicing their serious concerns. If I were to visit Hong Kong again, it might be under a Communist government!


This photo is not right. You do not see streets as quiet as this in central Mong Kok & nor are you able to walk in the roads so freely. Roads were blocked off because of the protests but I can get you closer to the action so let’s go!


Let’s get even closer.


“Every available wall or vertical space within Umbrella Square has been adorned with posters and messages of encouragement.Barricades, buses that were abandoned on the streets when crowds started gathering in Mong Kok became makeshift message boards.”

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Missing you Amy Animations!


 I also want you to have a fair voting system, Hong Kong.

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