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Hot Yoga Review

Posted on the 15 March 2013 by Lifeofasportswife @jessaolson
For Christmas I got a 21 day trial to Hot Yoga University in Scottsdale. I was super excited when Gary gave it to me a few days early so I can start going. It has been literally the only thing I talked about the month of December. (Yes, I am blogging about something that happened in December/January.)
My first class was a diaster in every sense of the word.  I went to the advance class instead of the beginner. I was a little worried because I haven't done yoga in a while.  I have done yoga before and knew most of the moves and their current names. I got there early to sign up then took my spot in the back row in a corner. Hoping no one would notice and I could just get through the class. Nope. First thing the teacher did was introduce me to the class.
I got through the first class, but when they say don't eat an hour before yoga DONT. I had a piece of toast with butter, but really don't eat anything. Afterwards the teacher gave me a drink of coconut water to restore some electrolytes. It was amazing!! I never had it before and LOVE it now.
Here is what to bring to a hot yoga class:
What to Bring:
  • WATER!!
  • Yoga mat
  • Slipless towel to lay over the mat.
  • Hand towel to wipe off your face.
The next day I went to the beginner class and I felt much more at ease. The positions were easier and I was with similar people. Each day got easier and easier. I got super flexible, and could notice a change. I really enjoyed it but it's a little pricey and we are trying to save and cut our debt this year. I continue to do the positions to increase my flexibility. Here's the positions below:
Hot Yoga Review
I still miss doing yoga in 115 degree room and being able to focus on the positions. Now I close the door and Heisman is scratching at the door the whole time. It's great being in there because you can focus on your breathing and leave everything at the door. I hope to start doing Hot Yoga again soon. Next I want to try ariel yoga, but need to visit a bigger city. Phoenix doesn't have any studios around here.
Hot Yoga Review

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