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How Do You Feel When People Judge You? Judging People #Poetry

Posted on the 02 June 2017 by Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

Life is a waste when it comes to Judging People

When I was young

and I had a stupid passion

of reading a lot of books

I read somewhere

“In this world of individuals

comparison is a senseless activity”

And it set so deep in my mind

that I could always correlate it with

a lot of things happening around

now and then.

Probably Judging People

derives out of comparison only

Because comparison is a relative activity

and so is judging.

That is why I hate people

judge me

or for that sake

judge anybody.

In fact, if everyone starts

judging each other

then nothing will happen


everything coming to a


I think this judging capability

is only there in human beings only


You never see a tree judging its branches

which one needs less nutrition.

Similarly, Sun never differentiates

between objects or directions

when  it comes to spreading light.

How Do You Feel When People Judge You? Judging People #PoetryPhoto credit: Robert_Ball via Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-ND

It is a teacher that comapres and judges

his students and starts declaring

the best, the worst, and those needing improvement.

It is a wrong thing for a parent

to judge or compare their children.

Imagine a teacher treating al her

students equally without judging

them here and there and on

this and that.

As a result, no child will think high or low.

In fact, every start will have the same intensity glow.

I think only those engage in judging people

who have nothing substantial to do in life.

Otherwise, those who have a lot to do

never can think of doing it hitherto.

What I wear, what I talk,

What I read, How I walk,

How is it concerns somebody else?

How someone has so much time in life

to stalk?

Judging Pepple is wrong

If you love yourself, you will always love

everyone else.

Find what you lack and improve

rather than wasting time in others.

Hence,  Stay away from judging people.

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