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How to Fix "Error Loading This Resource" in Wordpress

Posted on the 07 December 2016 by Arwinkim
If you have a video blog which is powered by Wordpress probably you will find an error when playing a video which is "error loading this resource" in the left up corner of the video player. Usually this error happens if you fetch a video from its URL directly like http://domain.com/video.mp4 into your video player.Another problem is, your browser download the video instead automatically instead of playing it for you.
According to Wordpress discussion, either hosting or video itself are corrupted. Therefore, you should contact your hosting provider or re-encode your video especially if it is mp4. Convert your mp4 to other formats like AVI or Webm then upload it to your server.
However, "error loading this resource" can also be resulted by your machine or browser configuration. Ask your friend open your blog to see if the error still appears. If it don't, then I might assume you should check your browser. If you have IDM (Internet Download Manager), reinstall it or try using incognito window.

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