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How We Do Our Minor Projects #1

Posted on the 23 June 2014 by Poojakaradgi

All my friends and their friends and again their friends know that I don’t like listening to songs. I am kinda a bit allergic to them. Allergic in a way that I get a dreadful headache which no Crocin or Metacin can heal.So, I rarely take the risk of plugging in my earphones and at least giving a try to turn this hatred to love.
Today was the first day at college after a month long break. Not the official lectures and bunks and all, but just as every college has its own way of annoying the kids, my college too asks us to compulsorily come and do our minor projects there. And well, all ordinary Humans would agree to Brook’s law which states “The more the people, lesser the work”. Sigh! True. And above all this, if you have friends who just cannot accept somebody’s dislike for music,you are in a state of complete distress.Today,while I was getting irritated by the people shouting and talking so loudly around me, while I was studying my project content via YouTube lectures, my friend gave me a suggestion of putting in a light but loud music on the other tab .I thought the idea to be pretty much exciting and agreed. So I had a pretty good music on one side with the lectures on the other end. And I must confess, it was beautiful. :)
How We Do Our Minor Projects #1
PS: #1,because I'm sure there are more interesting ways which are yet to be explored :P

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