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Posted on the 13 February 2016 by Arwinkim
Every human being has two sides that already attached since they breathe for the first time. They have good side and bad side. They can be a good or bad person, depending on their environment. Their behaviors are completely natural when dealing with a certain situation. They change every time. They would be enraged when their self-esteem offended, shedding a tear when a relative died, laughing to watch comedy show, being arrogant to stand higher than others, and so forth. It's very complicated to discuss.
There was a moment when my friend acted so boastful while searching for her car key that actually she knew where she put it. Yeah, I knew she wanted me to know that she had a car and I didn't. Yeah, because I have different path in my life, so do you. That's human, completely natural and I understand that. It's annoying but yeah it is normal. So simply, I keep working hard to have better life to avoid these people and behave normally as myself. Nobody knows what you will be tomorrow. Your enemy could even be your friend if they figure out something from you.
You know, I position myself to understand these behaviors as a human. So, I think it's not really important to hear boastful people of what they have or being over reaction to something that is not worth to look at.
We are all equal before God, but we are not equal among the others if we speak about skin color, wealth, blood, and others, you name it. And nothing of these can help you escape from death, not even if you could turn water into gold. Be a good human.

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