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I Am Not A Traitor by Y I Latz – A Piece of Sheer Thrill Throughout

Posted on the 02 August 2017 by Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

I Am Not A Traitor by Y I Latz is a piece of sheer thrill throughout. It is a good plot that takes you along an engrossing story. The story, in fact, creates a connect right in the beginning. As a matter of fact, that connect stays intact till the end of the story. The evolution of characters is quite significant. The story revolves around Henry Stein, the central character of the story. Henry is a 50-year-old chef working with Israeli Navy. He is part of the Israeli Navy submarine fleet. A shock encountering moment comes in his life when his employer lays him off from his job. It is shocking because it comes after a successful tenure of thirty years. Despite this being a big shock of his life, he has to absorb it all. Henry can’t even share this shocking news with his wife.

I Am Not A Traitor by Y I Latz – A Piece of Sheer Thrill Throughout

I Am Not A Traitor Is A Bundle of Secrets, Suspense, and Thrill

I Am Not A Traitor by Y I Latz is a bundle of secrets, suspense, and thrill. Henry’s story is not a simple one. It reveals a number of secrets and there is a reason to look back in his past. What happened thirty-five years ago is something that becomes the reason of shock in his present. The secret of losing his job after thirty years takes him back to the murder of his grandmother in London. And it connects back not only to the murder but also to the arrest of his daughter in Colombia. And once he goes back to his past, his love affair also comes into the picture. It is as if the secrets of his life unfold in a planned manner. Probably somewhere someone is eager to expose him by revealing secrets of his past. And then comes the biggest conflict in his life.

Fighting against three strong opponents – the British, Israeli, and US intelligence forces Henry has to meet the moment of truth. It is a truth that creates the biggest conflict in his life. The truth that demands a clarity of his loyalty. He has to choose between his country of birth and homeland. There is a lot more to encounter. In fact, you need to grab a copy of I Am Not A Traitor to delve into the story that is full of thrill.

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